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225 Blvd of the Allies, Suite 100A, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222

Investment Services

Identifying the needs of our clients first, Laurel works within given parameters to identify target markets and specific opportunities which most likely will achieve our clients’ desired economic goals.

Laurel is focused on the Pittsburgh real estate market with investments limited within a 35-mile radius of downtown Pittsburgh. Laurel has helped to direct over $45 million of investor equity into projects totaling more than $375 million in total value. These project types include cash flow asset acquisition, asset repurposing projects, and new construction developments.

"Laurel partnered with us for this first-of-its-kind project in the market. We were so impressed with their overall knowledge, ability to be creative, and desire to succeed. They were great partners and so positive for the neighborhood.”

local development partner

Real Results

Asset Redesign

An urban core asset vacated for several years by its long-time full building corporate tenant left a hole in the streetscape of an important downtown…

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Strategic Partnership

In late 2014 Laurel identified a creative development team seeking capital for an innovative large-scale multi-family residential urban…

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Investment in Innovation

The first of its kind in the market, Laurel partnered with a local development team to invest in their ground-up vision for a multi-family…

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In late 2011, Millcraft Industries approached Laurel with a need for additional capital investment into the conversion of the former State Office Building...

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