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Brokerage Services

Laurel Real Estate Services, LLC concentrates exclusively on investment-grade real estate. Our commitment to fully comprehend our clients’ specific investment objectives and design precise solutions to achieve those goals constitutes the backbone of our success.  

At Laurel, we consider the entire life cycle of a transaction – from acquisition through disposition. Successful acquisitions require systematic strategies to identify properties and evaluate returns, including disposition valuation. Additionally, every investment plan needs a tactical exit strategy, as well as comprehensive knowledge of tax implications, to maximize returns.

With our years of experience and in-depth marketplace knowledge, the Laurel team, headed by Michael Liguori and Andrew Sherry, identify opportunities tailored to our clients’ unique investment criteria. We are brokerage specialists who have a variety of services at our disposal, such as consulting, debt placement, financial valuation, marketing, and market research. These services, along with our creativity (i.e., uncovering ‘off-market’ opportunities), experience, and personal attention, allow us to maximize our clients’ investments.

and Disposition






Real Results


Located in Pittsburgh’s South Hills, Maiden Bridge and Canongate Apartments consist of 415 units, two parking garages, a swimming pool…

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The Moore Self Storage portfolio was comprised of climate controlled and traditional storage spread across in two states. North Carolina consisted…

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The PNC Assemblage was comprised of 13 independent adjacent parcels. Together, these parcels would become the footprint…

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Student Housing

State on Campus, formerly known as Beechview Place Apartments, is a purpose-built, 420-bed student housing facility serving West Virginia…

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Investment Sales

Multi-family — $480,502,500

Retail/Office — $40,400,000

Office — $40,180,222

Self-storage — $18,200,000

The Brokerage Team

Mike and Andrew are brokerage specialists who maximize investments for their clients. Mike has long-standing relationships, market knowledge, and decades of transactional experience, while Andrew brings an extraordinary skillset in financial forecasting and analysis.

Mike Liguori

Vice President of Portfolio Management


Andrew Sherry

Asset Acquisition Manager


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